Health Safety & Environmental


Hazard identification and risk control

Legal and other requirements

Safety and health program

Our commitment extends to ensuring that ESS’ operations create an environment for proactive prevention of incidents that could place anyone at risk of injury, illness, or property damage and to ensuring that we conduct our work in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner

Implementation & Operation

Training and competency

Consultation and communication

Document and data control

Operational control

Emergency preparedness and response

We are committed to ensuring a culture of safety first is fostered and in doing so, will ensure that no one gets injured and that our company is the preferred employer for safety in our industry

Checking & Control

Performance measuring & monitoring

Nonconformance and corrective actions


Our absolute commitment to HSE Polices and Procedures can be found at every level of our remote camp service throughout Canada. We recognize safe work practices as a vital component to achieve our goals.

ESS Alaska goal is providing a productive, safe and healthy work environment for associates, contractors, clients, customers and visitors on its premises or those of its clients.

Core Competencies

18001 Compliant Health & Safety Management System

14001 Compliant Environmental Management System

North Slope Training Cooperative Certified Instructors

ServSafe Food Safety Certified Instructors

HAACP Based Food Safety System